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1963 Amperex Holland 7308 w/ “Bugle Boy” Logo, First One Ever Verified by!!

“In 20 years of tube collecting and tube selling, this is the FIRST real Bugle Boy 7308 I have ever seen! It appears your tube was originally imported into Canada, as it has HOLLAND etched into the glass at the top. This was standard for all Philips/Amperex tubes that were imported or sold in Canada. It is just possible that for some reason the Bugle Boy labels were only sold in Canada? The Holland name sandblasted into the glass is only seen on Dutch Philips or Amperex tubes coming out of Canada.

I think, due to the extreme rarity of a real Holland made and date coded 7308 Bugle boy, that 99% of those you actually encounter are fakes from Richardson Electronics. Your pictures do reinforce some facts that still tell the real thing from the fake: The fake 7308 or 6922 tubes NEVER have date codes or production codes on them. Yours does, so I will concede that you have one of the very few real Bugle Boy 7308 tubes in existence.” – Brent

Dear Burson Audio and Orange Amplification:

I want to thank both of these companies for being so patient with me over the summer as I pushed through two of the hardest engineering courses so far in 10 weeks! I was hoping to publish the reviews for Burson well before now and be working on Orange Amp's review by now. However that just hasn't panned out due to my school requirements on time.

I most likely will have the time in the next few months to do the detailed and quantitative review style that I have discussed with both Burson Audio out of Australia and Orange Amplification out of the UK. I am very lucky to have the chance to do these reviews and if nothing else, I have had an extra amount of time to listen to the hardware I will eventually review. I say by the end of August I will have two more reviews including video build logs for the 100W x2 MX50 SE + Avel Lindberg's 160VA 22V-0V-22V (DC) Toroidal transformer design which should give an end to the 60Hz buzz so commonly heard on just about any A/V Receiver running on a standard 120V outlet. I will also be using a rectification PSU board linked in my previous post.

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